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Penelope and Lucinda is a feminist adaptation of The Odyssey (Homer, 750BC approx.) and The Swimmer (1968),  focusing on protagonists Penelope and Lucinda. Weaved through temporalities of antiquity, the socio-political lens of 1968 and the present day, Penelope and Lucinda act, dream, cry, sleep, manipulate, drink and swim in a body of water that floats on water, Stockholms’ Liljeholmsbadet. Presented as a multi screen video work, with various constellations of related matter, the work was created by artist and curator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2014-16.


The work was made in a slow brew feminist collaboration with: artists and performers, Anna Kinbom plays the role of Penelope and Iris Smeds plays Lucinda, plus Sanna, a long distance and extreme swimmer who portrays the dual roles of Odysseus and Neddy Merrill. The collaboration continues with the performance filmed by Vanja Sandell Billström and Lucia Pagano, costumed by Angela Woda and edited by Nick Garner with exhibition text by Jasmine Hinks.

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